Health Insurance Services

Choosing the right Health Insurance has never been so precious.

Health Insurance

Having affordable health insurance should not have to be a sacrifice or a financial burden. Having the right health insurance policy is important when choosing care for you and your family. Let Dick Spencer Family insurance sit down with you today and provide an affordable, family healthcare policy for you today.

  • Coverage from unexpected medical cost
  • Coverage for essential medical needs
  • Preventive care coverage

Prescription Drug Coverage

With the rising cost of prescription drugs and medication, make sure your health care benefits have you covered

Emergency coverage when you need it most

Accidents happen and the medical bills from such incidents can be substantial

Flexible Plans & Rates

Customize your health insurance plan to fit your needs and budget without sacrificing care for your family

Limit Out of Pocket Expenses

Limit the amount of upfront cost that may be occurred when medical services are needed

  • Features
  • Family medical coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Customized plans to fit your needs
  • Affordable terms and options

Additional Home Insurance Services

We also provide insurance policies for the following

Home Owners Insurance

Insurance to protect your home and contents in case of damage

Auto Insurance

Protecting you and your precious cargo while on the road

Luxury Insurance

Protect your personal assets from damage with a quote today

Are You Covered?

Finding out if you have the proper insurance coverage once an accident has occurred is never an easy situation to be in. Contact Dick Spencer Family Insurance and let them shop around as an Independent Insurance Agency, to find the right coverage for you. A premium insurance quote is just a phone call away or feel free to stop by our Portsmouth location for a one on one quote today.