Auto Insurance Services

Protecting you while on the road is what is important to us. Call today for a customized Auto Insurance policy.

Auto Insurance

At Dick Spencer Family Insurance, we understand that not all auto insurance is the same. Customizing your Auto Insurance Policy will allow us to protect you and your family while on the roadways. By offering additional coverage and features to your insurance policy, we are able to save you hundreds of dollars while still providing great coverage. Allow us to do your auto insurance policy shopping and get you a quote today!

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Complete Auto Coverage

Get a Customized quote today and include our Full Coverage Option

Bodily Injury Liability

Coverage for any occupant that may sustain injury while you were at fault in an accident

Property Damage Coverage

Cost that may be incurred by you in order to repair property damaged by you in an accident

SR22 Bonds

State compliance bonds proving state minimum insurance has been obtained to be able to legally operate a motor vehicle

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  • Liability Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage

Additional Insurance Services

We also provide insurance policies for the following

Motorcycle Insurance

Protection while on the open road

Boat Insurance

Protect your investments while on the water

Camper/RV Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind while camping

Are You Covered?

Finding out if you have the proper insurance coverage once an accident has occurred is never an easy situation to be in. Contact Dick Spencer Family Insurance and let them shop around as an Independent Insurance Agency, to find the right coverage for you. A premium insurance quote is just a phone call away or feel free to stop by our Portsmouth location for a one on one quote today.